Welcome to the somewhat spiritual side of the Qarollverse!

'Lo, ev'ryone. I am Mar, a 30-year-old transmasculine man who dreams dark things yet is terrified of dark things. What was that...?! 😨If this is your first time here, let me introduce you to the underdeveloped side of my online presence that is part of what I collectively call the Qarollverse—marvelous place, 'tis.Click on the "belmet" at the left to be taken to my main home page, which can also be found at the back of the top menu.Worry not. This is actually a very serious side of the Qarollverse—spirituality is the focus here.

About Me

My spiritual history

I was born and raised Muslim, specifically a Muslim girl, in a strict African American household. For what feels like countless years, I have looked around me wondering why I seem to be the only one I know who isn't spiritually or religiously content with their life and place in existence.It didn't seem fair. Or...right.What did I do to deserve such unhappiness when I am a good person......right?Throughout my life, I have questioned myself. Questioned my place in existence, questioned who I am as a human. As of 2021, I feel I have no place in life. I am merely wasted space. It would be nice if this wretched, unfair feeling would be justified or made to go away.

I am a 29-year-old transmasculine man who is spiritually lost. I have been so since I was very young. One Hollows' Eve is my way of exploring spirituality...no matter where that spirituality may originate from.


The Occult

I am and always have been interested in the occult. I plan on starting there as far as my search for spiritual happiness. It will require research, but I am more than willing to do that research. In fact, I have a feeling I will thoroughly enjoy it.I plan to do things the proper way. What that means, exactly, I do not yet know. But all I can say is that it 100% depends on my ability to stay interested in it. If I am not interested in what I am researching, I will probably not continue forward...

African Spirituality

More recently, I have come to an understanding in my interest in African spirituality. I am most excited about this more than anything else. It will probably intersperse with all of my other research since it is currently at the forefront of my interests.The thought of being connected to my past, my ancestors...It makes me happy, It brings me some sort of mental enjoyment. Peace? So, I'm hoping and somewhat banking on Hoodoo or other African spiritual paths to be my spiritual calling.